Kutná Hora - 20 years in UNESCO

2015 is the year of celebration of the 20th anniversary when the town of Kutná Hora
was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Planned events

On this page you will find everything that concerns the 20th anniversary of the inscription of our town on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will gradually publish all actual events which are expected in 2015. Follow us!

Exhibitions, conferences.

We will look back at the past twenty years in Kutná Hora and in other monuments of the UNESCO, being attended by the prominent Czech and foreign experts.  

Concerts, performances.

We will commemorate this anniversary in musical and visual aspect through classical music, opera, as well as new art styles.

Accompanying program.

We will target mainly the young people and child audience by the interactive program focused on exploring the monuments of Kutná Hora.

Program of celebrations

You can download the preliminary program of celebrations for the whole year 2015. We are constantly working on its specification, so please verify the current version of the main and supporting program.

Program of celebrations in PDF format Final ceremonial programme

The inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 became a defining moment in the modern history of the town of Kutná Hora. The long-term effort of many representatives of state authorities, local government, private owners and churches managed to preserve and restore the most valuable monuments. Understandably there is still a number of other monuments that need urgent repair, as well as the whole town requires a sensitive approach to further development.

However, we can surely rightly say that Kutná Hora has retained its unique character and expression and it strengthened its permanent position among the most significant historical settlements in Europe.

– PhDr. Aleš Pospíšil –

Full version press release (PDF)

Kutná Hora in numbers

One of the biggest turning points in the modern history of Kutná Hora became in 1995: The historical downtown with the Church of St. Barbora and Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec were inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.


Only 12 seats in the Czech Rep. are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List


The historical downtown of Kutná Hora occupies an area of 62 hectares


Kutná Hora contains a total of 319 cultural monuments


The Italian Court and the Church of St. Barbara are two national cultural landmarks

Project partners

We thank to all of our partners, without whose help the realization of this project would be impossible.

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